How To Choose A Sandwich Caterer

office catering with gourmet sandwiches

A sandwich platter is a staple at most events. Whether you’re putting together an office function, a working lunch or a private party, you want to ensure that you get the best sandwich catering in Sydney that money can buy.

Sandwich platters are always sure to keep the whole team fed and are always popular among guests attending an office meeting, seminar, or corporate event.

Let’s take a look at some questions you should ask to make sure that you hire the best sandwich caterer in town for your next corporate event.


What Do Others Have To Say?

With pretty much everyone being online these days, you’re sure to find plenty of online reviews of caterers. This is the quickest way to determine in advance whether a sandwich caterer is likely to impress or disappoint.

You want to consider factors such as quality of ingredients and freshness, taste and inventiveness, timeliness and adherence to deadlines, level of service and, of course, the price when reading reviews.

However, reviews are not a foolproof method of finding the best caterer, as reviews can be biased, misleading or entirely false, and there is sometimes no way for you to tell. Therefore, we need to have other ways of finding the best caterer.

office catering with gourmet sandwiches

How Flexible And Creative Are They?

A great sandwich catering company will have a wide selection of tasty fillings for you to choose from. This would involve not only different types of wholesome fillings but also different types of bread. This could range from, for example, classic triangular finger sandwiches to French baguettes to artisanal mini loaves or even wraps and rolls.

You might also have special dietary requirements or taste buds that need specific catering, to suit vegetarian, vegan and other special diet requirements such as gluten-free, dairy-free or sesame seed allergies.

If your sandwich caterer gives you a hard time accommodating these special diets, then perhaps they are not the ones to go with.


What Do They Charge?

The cost will always be a major factor in determining which supplier to go with. However, it would be foolhardy to base your decision solely on this factor alone. After all, as the saying goes: “You get what you pay for”.

If you simply choose to go with the cheapest catering service, you will likely get low-quality service and underwhelming sandwiches, which could end up ruining your event and making it worse than if you had bought no sandwiches at all.

Therefore, you should carefully balance the cost against the level of quality and service you want to receive. At Tall Poppies Catering we will ensure that the quality of your food is high, thus making it cost-effective for you.

A good sandwich caterer will offer a range of quality sandwich fillings at different budget ranges so that you can still benefit from their good service and attention to detail without paying a small fortune.

Naturally, if you have a small fortune to spend on sandwiches, then you can always go with that option and get gourmet sandwiches for your event.

If you are catering for a large group of people with a wide range of tastes, you can be assured that everyone will eat delicious sandwiches and you can be creative with fillings choosing items to suit vegetarian, vegan and other special dietary requirements. It’s always a good idea to do one plate of gluten-free sandwiches so you have all your guests covered.

For excellent service in sandwich catering in Sydney, contact Tall Poppies Catering for your next catering event and experience high-quality sandwich platter catering, delicious food and friendly service at a reasonable price with a convenient order online option.

As well as sandwich catering, our catering services also offer corporate catering, party catering, and wedding and event catering.

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